Seamless Smart Security

Protect your home with our intelligent security system,
featuring a central hub at its core, driven by cutting-edge AI technology.

All-in-One Smart Guard

Secure your space with our smart hub, powered by AI for ultimate protection.

Efficient Surveillance
With Smart Alerts

Differentiate people, vehicles, packages, dogs, and cats from other motion types and deliver immediate notifications.

Tailored Motion Zone
for Precise Monitoring

Focus on what really matters by setting custom motion zones to reduce unwanted alerts.

Private, Hub-Based Processing & Storage

Experience enhanced privacy with our hub-focused AI, safely storing data and footage for up to 6 months* directly on the device. Eliminate cloud reliance and external services, ensuring immediate access without subscriptions or extra costs.

Additionally, add up to 4TB of footage via SSD* hard drive (sold separately).

*Data usage is based on 600s of video footage per day.

Solar-Powered Security,
Worry-Free Maintenance

Designed for long-lasting performance, it effortlessly harnesses solar energy,
providing a low-maintenance solution that ensures continuous security.

Continuous Operation
Powered by Solar Energy

Adjustable & detachable solar panels
Flexible angle to maximize solar power output.
Increased overall performance
Boasting a 28% greater energy conversion efficiency compared to competing solar panels.
No more hassle of detaching for charging
Sustain operation for up to 3 days with just 2-3 hours* of daily direct sunlight.

*Charging conditions varies with sunlight exposure and recorded video.

Uninterrupted Monitoring
With Enduring Power

Rechargeable & removable battery
Delivers up to 180 days of power on a single charge, simplifying recharging for stress-free protection.
Optional charging methods
Charge the camera directly or remove the battery pack for independent charging, offering greater flexibility and convenience.

Capture Every Small Detail
Day And Night

Secure your space with 4K precision. Zoom in to leave no detail unnoticed. Experience vivid and detailed
full-color images with color night vision, ensuring comprehensive surveillance day & night.

Seamless 4K UHD viewing
It auto-adjusts to the best resolution based on your Wifi environment.
Playback & filter footage
View your stored footage at any time efficiently using advanced filters.
Smart alerts
Differentiate events like person, vehicle, package, pet and deliver immediate notifications.
Easy camera & hub setup
Effortlessly pair your hub and cameras through the intuitive Safemo App.
Switch modes with ease
Customize your camera recording mode to suit being at home or away.

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Easy camera & hub setup

Effortlessly pair your hub and cameras through the intuitive Safemo app.

Share with loved ones

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Perfect for outdoors

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