AI-Smart, Solar-Powered Security in 4K Clarity

2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels

Protect your home with our intelligent security system, featuring a central hub at its core,
driven by cutting-edge AI technology.

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AI-smart, solar-powered security in 4K clarity

Discover the unique capabilities
of our security system

Welcome to Safemo

At Safemo, intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. Our innovative security solution is built on three core values that define our commitment to your security.


Stay in control of your home's security via SafeRTC®️. We prioritize your privacy with recorded footage and data securely stored & processed locally.


Experience the next level of home safety with our AI-driven system. It smartly identifies real threats, giving you peace of mind while balancing your busy life.


Our high-definition cameras provide comprehensive views & instant alerts. Feel at ease with a professional security solution watching over your home.

Security Insights

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Equipping you to make most of your surveillance system.

How To Secure Garage Doors With Safemo Security Cameras

Utilize Safemo security cameras to bolster your garage door security seamlessly within your home protection plan.

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Safemo leads in innovation, adopting protocols to boost its security cameras' functionality and compatibility.

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