· At Safemo, the safety of your space is our top concern. And we are acutely aware that you may not have the time or energy to monitor our security footage closely.

· That's why we are committed to creating easy-to-use smart security devices that save you time by sending need-to-know notifications and footage to determine your space's security status in a matter of seconds.

· Our smart security tech will enable you to prioritize what matters most at home while helping you monitor your space's security more efficiently.

At Safemo

Intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. Our innovative security solution is built on three core values that define our commitment to your security.


Stay in control of your home's security via SafeRTC®️. We prioritize your privacy with recorded footage and data securely stored & processed locally.


Experience the next level of home safety with our AI-driven system. It smartly identifies real threats, giving you peace of mind while balancing your busy life.


Our high-definition cameras provide comprehensive views & instant alerts. Feel at ease with a professional security solution watching over your home.